The mission of the Global Alliance for Women Empowerment is to provide education, inspiration, and love to millions of women worldwide every year, which will empower them to achieve a level of excellence in every area of their lives, personally and professionally.


An empowered woman understands that excellence is about progress, not perfection.

An empowered woman is not a “got-it-all-together” woman, she’s a “work-in-progress” woman. She’s a loving, learning, laughing, letting go, legacy-leaving woman who lives life passionately.

She’s gifted and giving. Serving fills her soul with sweet satisfaction.

She holds her head high, even when life hits hard.

She is willing to reach out and ask for help, knowing there’s no shame in doing so.

She is a brave, bold leader when she needs to be, willing to lead others toward all that is good and right. Her light shines brightly through her actions, not always through her words. She can be brave and bold even if she’s quietly reserved.

Living an empowered, joy-filled life is a worthy, attainable goal. With our help you can achieve that outcome in your life, and help others do the same.

As like-hearted, empowered women join hands and link arms, helping each other through education, inspiration, love and support, a global community of empowered women will spread throughout nations, affect generations to come, and make our world a better place.

With open arms and loving hearts we welcome all women of all nations, cultures, faiths, religions, spiritual paths, and beliefs.


An Empowered Woman

  1. BELIEVES in her gifts and talents and uses them to create a better world.
  2. RELINQUISHES negativity and builds personal power.
  3. RADIATES joy and confidence and chooses to be a powerful force for good.
  4. RECEIVES and gives love, compassion, and service.
  5. HOLDS FAST to truth and moral values and teaches the next generation to be strong.
  6. SEIZES opportunities for growth and leadership, and lives with passion and purpose.
  7. CONNECTS with others to advance worthy causes.
  8. GIVES meaningful service, touches hearts, and changes lives.
  9. REACHES OUT to enlighten the minds and empower the hearts of women everywhere.
  10. DREAMS big dreams and makes those dreams come true!