Dr. Paula Fellingham – Total Life Excellence: You Are of Priceless Worth

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Paula Fellingham here!

Today I’d like to share one of my favorite stories. This story is meant to remind you of your priceless worth.

In India, many years ago, lived a farmer named Ali Hafid. He owned his own farm and had a good family. One day a traveling monk came to Hafid and told him about a marvelous discovery recently made of a jewel called a diamond.

The story so caught the imagination of Ali Hafid that he left his wife and family to search for diamonds. Ali vowed he would not return until he found the diamonds. He traveled far and wide searching, but never found the precious stones. Finally, broken in body and spirit, having exhausted his funds in his fruitless search, he cast himself into the sea, and drowned.

About that time the monk came through the village again and stopped at the farm formerly owned by Hafid. There on the mantel he saw a lovely big diamond.

“I see Ali found his diamond,” he said, pointing to the stone.

“Oh, Ali’s wife sold me this farm,” said the new owner. “I found that pretty stone down in the streambed as I watered my sheep.”

“Show me the place,” said the monk, and the man led him to the stream.

There, in the gravel bottom of the streambed, they found one diamond after another. A further search showed the whole farm contained diamonds, even in the dirt floor in the cellar of the house! Ali Hafid and his family had been living on what is now the great Gloconda Diamond Field. There, beneath his very feet, was the fortune for which Ali Hafid gave his life in a fruitless search.

What is the lesson for us?

The greatest treasure you’ll ever find lies within you. Don’t fall into the trap of neglecting to discover that life’s greatest prize is within. YOU are of priceless worth.

Now, let’s make this a wonderful day! I send you my love…..

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