Paula Fellingham New Picture

Dr. Paula Fellingham,

Dr. Paula Fellingham received a Doctorate of Education Degree in Human Relations. She has received awards from the past 3 Presidents of the United States for the global work she’s done for 30+ years. Her awards are from former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Dr. Fellingham has co-presented over 400 live events in 152 nations.

Paula is the author of 8 books and many courses and magazine articles.

Paula is a leader in the Global Women’s Movement today as the Founder of WIN WIN Women, the Women’s Information Network and the Women of the Middle East Network. She is also the Founder of the non-profit Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative and the Global Alliance for Women Empowerment.

 Paula has spoken for delegates at the United Nations and at conferences around the world for over three decades. For years she hosted her own daily radio show called “Solutions for Families”.

Many years ago, Paula’s family was a musical performing group. For 12 summers her family performed across the United States and in Europe. Paula has been married for 51 years to Dr. Gilbert Fellingham, a university professor. They have 8 children and 26 grandchildren.

Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa

Dr. Satpal Singh Kohli,

Dr. Satpal Singh Kohli is the Ambassador of Sikh Religion-USA  and a Peace Ambassador for various global Interfaith Organizations promoting peace and harmony in the world. He is the Chairman of Sikh Dharma Universal and Guru Ram Das Sikh Mission of America (New Mexico, USA). He is a Director of Miri Piri Academy, a private boarding school located in Amritsar, India. It has students from over 25 countries and the curriculum is based on the Sikh teachings and way of life.

Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh received his Bachelor's Degree in Science from the prestigious St. Stephen’s College at Delhi University and moved to the U.S. in 1978. Since then he has been involved in various different businesses, including food manufacturing, beauty supplies, international trade, real estate development and investments. In addition to his business activities, he now devotes his time to religious, spiritual and life-changing technologies.

He often gives lectures at schools, universities and interfaith events sharing the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev, Founder of Sikh faith along with how to conduct daily life activities in peace and harmony with one another. His teaching sessions and classes guide the participants to the many varied techniques and experience of the universal energy within each of us.

Bhai Sahib’s efforts to promote peace and harmony, along with promoting the teachings of the Sikh Holy Scripture-Siri Guru Granth Sahib, were recognized by the high Sikh clergy in India and he was bestowed with the titles of “Bhai Sahib,” and the “Ambassador of Sikh Religion in the Western Hemisphere”.