CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a participant in the (free) Women of Excellence, Women of Faith Program! We welcome you with open arms and loving hearts!

The mission of Women of Excellence, Women of Faith is to provide education, inspiration, love, and support for 1,000,000+ women every year,  to help them excel in every area of their lives.


 You will be able to access:

  • Many free audio, video, and written trainings and courses presented on the WEWF App.
  • Course Action Steps, Worksheets, and Assessments are included for optimal learning and practical application of the trainings.
  • Additional information and videos on the WEWF website.
  • Bi-monthly Support Calls on Zoom (using phones or computers).


You can always access more information on our website: 

With so much love,

Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder, and the WEWF Team